ZPL Urges Teams to Cease Harassment of Media Officers

ZPL Urges Teams to Cease Harassment of Media Officers

The Zambian Premier League (ZPL) has issued a strong warning to teams in anticipation of the week eleven fixtures, addressing the concerning trend of harassment directed at media officers.

In a memorandum from League Manager Brian Mulenga, as obtained by the ZamFoot Crew, the ZPL emphasizes its zero-tolerance stance towards such behavior, declaring that teams found engaging in harassment will face consequences.

Expressing regret over multiple incidents where media officers have faced harassment and, in some cases, physical assault, Mulenga advises media personnel to promptly report any such occurrences. In cases involving physical attacks and injuries, media officers are encouraged to report the incidents to the police.

Full Statement:


1.0. Reference is made to the subject above.

2.0. The league management has observed with concern the recurring incidents of harassment and physical altercations involving media officers at various stadiums during match days.

3.0. Specifically, it has come to our attention that certain teams, for inexplicable reasons, are hindering female media officers from working at pitch side or stepping onto the pitch. Such behavior is unacceptable, and teams engaging in it will be held accountable.

4.0. It is crucial to note that media officers, accredited by the Association, are official team members with unrestricted access to the field of play, media tribune, main tribune, VIP, and VVIP areas. They are permitted to capture photographs or videos of the match, the venue, and its surroundings.

5.0. Teams and their officials or staff found interfering with, harassing, or physically assaulting media officers will face severe sanctions for their unwarranted and reprehensible actions.

6.0. In accordance with the attached match operations handbook, media officers, as part of visiting teams, have complete access to the stadium two hours before kick-off.

7.0. We advocate for a football environment characterized by harmony and peace. Activities such as those described above, particularly when targeting media officers, must cease immediately.

8.0. Media officers are strongly urged to officially report any incidents of harassment, and in cases involving physical attacks and injuries, report all those involved to the police.

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