ZESCO United, in preparation for the upcoming season, has been actively reshaping its roster through various transfers. Here’s an overview of the recent transfer activities:

Players In:

  1. Abraham Siankombo – ZESCO United has successfully brought in Abraham Siankombo from Zanaco. Siankombo’s addition to the team is expected to strengthen their squad, particularly in terms of attacking prowess and versatility.
  2. Lebeau Binemo Madi – Lebeau Binemo Madi, a free agent, has joined ZESCO United. Madi’s signing offers flexibility and options to the club’s tactical approach.
  3. Lewis Kasono – Lewis Kasono has been recruited from Damiano Academy. His inclusion reflects ZESCO United’s focus on nurturing young talents and ensuring a promising future for the club.
  4. Mathews Chabala – Mathews Chabala’s move from Nchanga Rangers to ZESCO United adds depth to their squad, particularly in defense.
  5. Pride Mwansa – ZESCO United has secured a loan deal for Pride Mwansa from Nkwazi. This temporary arrangement provides Mwansa with an opportunity to contribute to the team’s goals.
  6. Samson Ngoma – Samson Ngoma has been acquired from River Plate FC, further bolstering ZESCO United’s midfield resources.
  7. Toaster Nsabata – Toaster Nsabata’s transfer from Sekhukhune United enhances ZESCO United’s goalkeeping department with his experience and skills.

Players Out:

  1. Adrian Chama – Adrian Chama has been released from the club. His departure marks a transition as ZESCO United looks to refine its roster.
  2. Donashano Malama – Donashano Malama’s move to Nkana brings changes to both clubs. Malama’s transfer represents a new chapter in his career.
  3. Gregory Sanjase – Gregory Sanjase’s shift to Kansanshi Dynamos signals a new opportunity for him to contribute to a different team’s ambitions.
  4. Jack Ngulube – Jack Ngulube’s move to Zanaco signifies changes in team dynamics for both clubs. Ngulube’s experience could be a valuable asset for Zanaco.
  5. Simon Silwimba – Simon Silwimba has been released from ZESCO United, allowing both parties to explore new possibilities.
  6. Spencer Sautu – Spencer Sautu’s transfer to Green Eagles offers him a chance to continue his football journey elsewhere.

ZESCO United’s recent transfer activities demonstrate their commitment to building a balanced and competitive squad for the upcoming season. The inclusion of new talents, experienced players, and strategic loan deals showcases the club’s dedication to achieving success in domestic and potentially international competitions.

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