ZESCO United Secures 1-0 Victory Against NAPSA Stars in MTN Super League

ZESCO United Secures 1-0 Victory Against NAPSA Stars in MTN Super League Week 1


In a thrilling encounter at Woodlands Stadium, ZESCO United managed to secure a hard-fought 1-0 victory against NAPSA Stars in the opening week of the MTN Super League. The match was marked by intense gameplay, tactical battles, and a decisive goal that ultimately tilted the scales in favor of ZESCO United.

The lunchtime kickoff set the stage for an exciting clash between the two teams, and the action did not disappoint. ZESCO United’s John Chingandu made an impact by taking a shot that was initially blocked by NAPSA Stars’ goalkeeper David Odhiambo. However, Lola Moise capitalized on the rebound, sending the ball into the net and giving ZESCO United a crucial 1-0 lead just before halftime.

As the match progressed, both teams exhibited determination and skill, but ZESCO United managed to maintain their advantage until the final whistle. Despite NAPSA Stars’ efforts to find an equalizer, the defense of ZESCO United held firm, securing their 1-0 victory.

The victory away from home for ZESCO United highlighted their ability to perform under pressure and start the new season on a positive note. While NAPSA Stars displayed resilience and put up a tough battle, ZESCO United‘s Lola Moise’s goal proved to be the decisive factor in securing the three points.

As the MTN Super League continues, both teams will look to build on their performances and make their mark in the competition. Football enthusiasts can anticipate more thrilling encounters and exciting moments as the league unfolds over the course of the season.

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