ZAVA Urges a Return to the Roots for Zambian Volleyball

ZAVA Urges a Return to the Roots for Zambian Volleyball

The Zambia Volleyball Association (ZAVA) emphasizes the importance of revitalizing the sport at the grassroots level to maintain the country’s dominant position in regional club competitions.
This assertion follows the consecutive regional championship victories by the Green Buffaloes Men’s Volleyball team.

Securing a notable comeback, the Buffaloes triumphed 3-2 over NABA of Zimbabwe to clinch the regional title for the second consecutive year.
Joachim Nyoni, the General Secretary of ZAVA, underscores that preserving this newfound regional dominance hinges on the strategic implementation of volleyball at the school level.

Nyoni conveyed to ZNBC Sport News that ZAVA is committed to collaborating with the Ministry of Education to explore optimal methods for introducing and promoting the sport within schools.
This initiative is viewed as pivotal in nurturing talent from a young age and fostering a sustained passion for volleyball across communities.

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