Zambian Striker Happy Nsofwa Joins Nico United in Botswana Premier League 

Zambian Striker Happy Nsofwa Joins Nico United in Botswana Premier League 


In a significant move that marks a new chapter in his football journey, Zambian striker Happy Nsofwa has officially joined Botswana Premier League side Nico United. This exciting transfer has been confirmed, signaling a fresh opportunity for Nsofwa to showcase his talents on an international stage.

Formerly a part of the National League side City of Lusaka, Nsofwa’s decision to join Nico United represents a strategic career move. At 25 years of age, he brings both youthful energy and experience to his new team. The Zambian striker has committed to a one-year contract with the option for a potential extension, demonstrating his dedication to contributing to Nico United’s success.

Nico United, a prominent club in the Botswana Premier League, has welcomed Nsofwa with open arms, recognizing his potential to make a meaningful impact on their team’s performance. Nsofwa’s addition to the squad bolsters their attacking options and adds an exciting element to their lineup.

As Nsofwa embarks on this new chapter of his career, he carries with him the aspirations of both his former and current supporters. His journey from the National League to the Botswana Premier League underscores the global nature of football and the opportunities it presents for players to explore new horizons and contribute to the growth of the sport in different regions.

With his one-year deal and the option for an extension, Nsofwa’s time at Nico United holds the promise of exciting matches, goals, and achievements. The synergy between his skills and the ambitions of his new team has the potential to create memorable moments and elevate his status as a formidable striker in the Botswana Premier League.

As the season unfolds, fans and football enthusiasts alike will be watching closely to witness the impact of Happy Nsofwa on Nico United and his continued journey of making his mark in the beautiful game.

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