Zambian Duo Ricky Chanda and Emmanuel Muyanga Sign with Polish Club Stal Rzeszow FC

Zambian Duo Ricky Chanda and Emmanuel Muyanga Sign with Polish Club Stal Rzeszow FC

Polish football club Stal Rzeszow FC has successfully completed the signing of two promising Zambian talents, Ricky Chanda and Emmanuel Muyanga. The duo, formerly with City of Lusaka, have put pen to paper on one-year contracts with an option to extend their stay with the club.

Ricky Chanda and Emmanuel Muyanga are highly regarded talents in Zambian football, and their move to Stal Rzeszow FC marks an important step in their careers. The Polish club has shown great interest in their potential, offering them the opportunity to make an impact on the international stage.

Stal Rzeszow FC is known for its commitment to nurturing young talents and providing them with a platform to grow and develop as professional footballers. The signing of Chanda and Muyanga aligns with the club’s strategy of scouting promising players from around the world.

Both Chanda and Muyanga are expected to bring their skills, dedication, and passion for the game to the club. Their versatility and footballing abilities make them valuable assets to Stal Rzeszow FC as they embark on their footballing journey in Europe.

Zambian football enthusiasts will be keeping a close eye on the progress of these two talented players as they represent Zambia on the international stage. This move to Poland is not only a significant achievement for Chanda and Muyanga but also a source of pride for Zambian football.

The duo’s one-year contracts, with the option to extend, provide them with the opportunity to adapt to the European footballing environment and demonstrate their capabilities on a new stage. Their journey in Poland will undoubtedly be one to watch, as they aim to make a name for themselves and contribute to the success of Stal Rzeszow FC.

Zambian football fans and supporters of Chanda and Muyanga will be eagerly anticipating their performances in the Polish league. As they embark on this exciting chapter in their careers, they carry the hopes and dreams of many back home, who will be cheering them on from afar.

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