Zambian Coaches Pursue IHF D Coaching License in Zimbabwe

Zambian Coaches Pursue IHF D Coaching License in Zimbabwe: A Milestone for Zambian Handball


In a landmark development for the Handball Association of Zambia (HAZ), two esteemed coaches, Bilo Kalenga and Mulemwa Mwala, have embarked on a transformative journey to obtain their International Handball Federation (IHF) D coaching license. Departing on April 23, 2024, to participate in an esteemed course in Zimbabwe, they mark a pivotal moment in their coaching careers and a significant step forward for Zambian handball.

The Zambia National Service has demonstrated unwavering support for sports development in the country by sponsoring the two coaches, enabling them to pursue this invaluable opportunity. This sponsorship underscores the commitment of various stakeholders to nurturing talent and enhancing Zambia’s sporting landscape.

Ahead of their departure, HAZ President Victor Banda bid farewell to the coaches at David Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, symbolizing the organization’s dedication to talent development in the Zambian handball community. The send-off ceremony was a poignant occasion, highlighting the significance of this endeavor for both the coaches and the Zambian handball fraternity.

Bilo Kalenga and Mulemwa Mwala carry the hopes and aspirations of Zambia’s handball community as they embark on this enriching experience. Their commitment to enhancing their coaching abilities serves as an inspiration to fellow coaches and players nationwide, setting a standard for continual learning and advancement in the sport.

HAZ’s steadfast commitment to advancing handball in Zambia is further underscored by initiatives like these, aimed at elevating the country’s coaching and player development standards. The association eagerly anticipates the invaluable insights and knowledge that Bilo Kalenga and Mulemwa Mwala will bring back from their IHF D Coaching License journey, expected to have a profound and lasting impact on Zambia’s handball landscape.

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