Zambian Coach Mwamba Achieves CAF Instructor Status

Zambian Coach Mwamba Achieves CAF Instructor Status

In a remarkable testament to the Football Association of Zambia’s (FAZ) holistic approach to football development, Beauty Mwamba, the dedicated coach of the Green Buffaloes Women Football Club, has achieved a noteworthy milestone.
She successfully completed a rigorous and prestigious CAF Instructor coaching program, which convened talented coaches from diverse corners of the African continent.
This prestigious event took place in Rabat, Morocco, underscoring the commitment of African football to nurturing coaching talent and promoting excellence within the sport.

Mwamba’s journey to becoming a CAF Instructor began with her recent attainment of the CAF A coaching badge.
Her dedication and relentless pursuit of coaching excellence not only reflect her personal commitment but also exemplify FAZ’s broader efforts to foster talent and raise the bar for football development in Zambia.
Joining her in this achievement were fellow accomplished coaches, Charles Haalubono, the coach of Yanga Princesses, and Enala Phiri-Simbeye.
Their collective participation in this program showcases the collaborative spirit that is vital in nurturing the next generation of African football talent.
These coaches, through their commitment to continuous learning and growth, are poised to make significant contributions to the development and enhancement of football standards not only in Zambia but across the African continent.

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