Zambia Wins Zimbabwe in An FIBA Afro Zone Qualifications

Zambia Wins Zimbabwe in An FIBA Afro Zone Qualifications

In the return matches of the FIBA Afro Zone qualifications, both the Zimbabwe U18 girls and boys teams were defeated 2-0 by well-prepared Zambian teams at NASDEC in Lusaka. The girls’ team narrowly lost 42-47, while the boys’ team faced a more substantial defeat, falling 63-78. Both Zimbabwean teams had hoped to close significant point gaps from their first matches, with the girls chasing an 11-point deficit and the boys aiming to overcome a 31-point disadvantage.

Despite their efforts, the Zimbabwean teams will return home without a victory. In contrast, the Zambian sides advance to the next round of the qualifications. According to basketball sources, the performance of top Zimbabwean teams has improved significantly. Martin Muchena, a Zimbabwean coach living in Lusaka who played an important role in the preparations for Zambia’s boys squad, sees potential for the Zimbabwean junior teams.

“Look, Sekuru, the difference between the two sides in both categories is in preparations,” Muchena remarked. He noted that the Zambian teams were clearly better prepared than their counterparts. “Sekuru,” as the coach is affectionately known, acknowledged the tactical adjustments made by the Zimbabwe boys team but believes the Zambians were ready to counter what their southern neighbors had planned.

Muchena’s insights highlight the importance of preparation and strategy in competitive sports, and while the Zimbabwean teams showed improvements, the Zambian teams’ superior preparation ultimately made the difference.

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