Zambia Remembers 31st Anniversary of National Team Tragedy

Zambia Remembers 31st Anniversary of National Team Tragedy

Today marks the 31st anniversary of the tragic incident that shook Zambian football to its core. It was a day that began with hope and excitement, as the Zambia National Team embarked on a journey to Senegal for a crucial World Cup qualifying match.

However, that hope soon turned into despair as the news of the plane crash off the coast of Gabon in Libreville spread.

The entire football family was left devastated by the loss of eighteen players, technical staff, crew members, and a journalist who were on board the ill-fated Zambia Air Force plane.

The impact of the tragedy was profound, not just for Zambia but for the global football community. The players who lost their lives were not just talented athletes but also beloved sons, brothers, and friends.

They were role models and inspirations to many young footballers across Africa and beyond. The loss was not just a blow to Zambian football but to the sport as a whole, as it robbed the world of the opportunity to witness the continued success and growth of a team that had captured the hearts of many with their skill and passion for the game.

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