Zambia National Team Delegation Visits Malawi High Commission

Zambia National Team Delegation Visits Malawi High Commission

The delegation’s visit to the High Commission in Malawi marks a significant step in fostering bilateral relations between Zambia and Malawi, particularly in the realm of sports diplomacy.
Such interactions not only strengthen ties between the two nations but also provide opportunities for collaboration and cultural exchange.

Chrispin Kamuna’s leadership in the delegation showcases the importance of regional representation and collaboration within the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ).
As the chairperson of the FAZ Eastern Province, Kamuna’s presence highlights the inclusivity and diversity within the Zambian football community, ensuring that all regions are well-represented in national initiatives.

Deputy High Commissioner Maureen Simwemba’s appreciation for the delegation’s announcement of their presence underscores the importance of diplomatic protocol and mutual respect.
Such gestures lay the foundation for positive and fruitful engagements between the two countries, setting a positive tone for future interactions and collaborations.

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