Zambia is Set to Shine on World Stage: Making History at FIFA Women’s World Cup

Zambia's Copper Queens Set to Shine on World Stage: Making History at FIFA Women's World Cup

Zambia’s Women’s National Football Team, known as the Copper Queens, is set to make history as the first team from a landlocked African nation to qualify for a senior World Cup, whether male or female. With their participation in the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup™ in Australia and New Zealand, Zambia aims to leave a lasting impact on the global stage, showcasing their emergence as a dominant force in African women’s football.

Led by their captain and star striker, Barbra Banda, the Copper Queens possess the talent and determination to make waves in the tournament. Banda, known for her impressive skills and goal-scoring prowess, is expected to play a crucial role in Zambia’s campaign.

Coach Bruce Mwape exudes confidence in his team’s abilities, expressing his belief that in order to be champions, they must be prepared to overcome the toughest challenges. Despite being drawn against formidable opponents such as Japan, Spain, and Costa Rica, Mwape remains optimistic about Zambia’s prospects, asserting that they have the potential to advance to the next round.

The Copper Queens’ journey to the World Cup has been a testament to their rapid growth and development in women’s football. Their presence at the tournament represents a milestone for African nations and serves as an inspiration to aspiring female footballers across the continent.

As Zambia prepares to make its World Cup debut, all eyes will be on the Copper Queens and their quest to make history once again. Their determination, skill, and ambition will be on display as they strive to leave a lasting impression on the global football stage.

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