Zambia Climbs One Place in FIFA Coca-Cola Rankings

Zambia Climbs One Place in FIFA Coca-Cola Rankings

The Chipolopolo Boys, Zambia’s national football team, have made a modest yet significant move in the latest FIFA Coca-Cola Rankings. Following their performance in the October FIFA window, Zambia has ascended one place in the global rankings, now sitting at 81st in the world.

This positive shift reflects the team’s recent performances and demonstrates their ongoing commitment to improving their standing on the international football stage. While the jump from 82nd to 81st may seem minor, it signifies the progress and determination of the Zambian national team.

In addition to their global ranking, Zambia also maintains their position as the 16th ranked team in the African continent. This is a testament to their competitiveness and consistency within the African football landscape.

Fans and supporters of Zambian football will be pleased to see their national team making strides in the rankings, and this bodes well for the future of the Chipolopolo Boys as they continue to strive for excellence in international football.

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