Warning to Super League Keep Away from Our Super Goalie Says Nchanga Rangers President

Warning to Super League Keep Away from Our Super Goalie Says Nchanga Rangers President

The Club ExCo expresses profound dismay at the ongoing destabilization attempts targeted at Nchanga Rangers Football Club, particularly involving some super division clubs attempting to lure away our esteemed team captain, Victor Chabu.

The overtures aimed at enticing our club captain away during the January window are viewed as acts of sabotage, and we want to make it unequivocally clear that any such attempts will be met with resolute resistance from Brave Rangers.
While we may not boast the financial might of the so-called money clubs in our local football scene, we pride ourselves on upholding strong values, especially in the care and well-being of our players. Victor Chabu, our team leader, is content at Nchanga Stadium, and his satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Even in hypothetical scenarios where we might consider placing Victor on the market, the question arises: who could match his valuation? As one of the top three goalkeepers in the country presently, Victor is a valuable asset whom we take great care of, operating within our modest yet well-managed budget.
The club is concerned about the broader implications for Zambian football if several clubs are vying for the signature of a single player mid-season, suggesting a lack of structured management systems among the so-called “big clubs” to nurture raw talent.

To those clandestinely pursuing Victor, be forewarned that our club retains the right to protect its interests. We are committed to taking necessary measures to defend our badge and the interests of our players. Nchanga Rangers is neither a breeding ground nor a tapping point, let alone a fishing pond.
We emphatically state that we are not a selling club, period.

Our determination is unwavering, and we are steadfast in our resolve to bring our prized assets back home with the club intact.

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