Significant Boost for Malawi Women’s Football League as Prize Money Increases 

Significant Boost for Malawi Women’s Football League as Prize Money Increases 

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has injected fresh energy into women’s football in the country by announcing a substantial increase in sponsorship for the Women’s Football League. The sponsorship amount has been raised by an impressive 32 percent, escalating from K60 million to K79 million.

This significant financial boost has led to an across-the-board increase in prizes at various levels of the league. In the National Championship, the victorious team’s prize has surged from K3 million to K8 million, signifying a remarkable shift. Runners-up and third-placed teams will also enjoy elevated rewards, with their prizes rising from K2 million to K4 million and K750,000 to K2 million respectively.

At the regional level, winners will now be rewarded with K4 million, up from K2 million, while runners-up and third-placed teams will receive K1.5 million and K1 million respectively.

Acknowledging individual excellence, FAM has also enhanced individual awards. Regional level awards have doubled from K50,000 to K100,000, while national level awards have risen from K100,000 to K200,000.

Alfred Gunda, FAM’s General Secretary, underlined the successful discussions with the National Women’s Football Association (NWFA) that led to this boost. He highlighted how this initiative aligns with the broader agenda of professionalizing women’s football in the country.

NWFA Chairperson Adelaide Magogo expressed her enthusiasm, recognizing this development as a significant step forward for Malawi’s women’s football. She praised FAM for honoring their commitment to elevate the standards.

One of the team owners, Jomo Osman of Ntopwa, applauded FAM for this decision, acknowledging the challenges of the times and emphasizing the importance of FAM’s consistent support for women’s football.

The increased prize money not only adds a competitive edge to the league but also underscores FAM’s dedication to the development and growth of women’s football in Malawi. This move is poised to inspire teams and players to reach new heights, fostering a more vibrant and thriving women’s football ecosystem in the nation.

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