Seoul Welcomes Copper Queens

The Zambia Women’s National Team has made their way to Seoul, South Korea, for two upcoming friendly matches against the South Korean team.


The team arrived at 09:58 hours local time and received a warm welcome from embassy staff. Led by head coach Bruce Mwape, the Copper Queens will face off against South Korea at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on Friday, April 8th. This match will serve as an opportunity for both teams to hone their skills and prepare for upcoming competitions.

The Zambia Women’s National Team has been on a roll lately, having recently qualified for their first-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The team will be eager to put their training to the test against a formidable opponent like South Korea. With the World Cup just around the corner, every match is crucial for teams to fine-tune their strategies and ensure that they are in top form for the tournament.

Following their match at Suwon World Cup Stadium, the Copper Queens will play their final practice match against South Korea on April 11th at Yongin Mireu.

This will be another opportunity for the team to work on their skills and build momentum before heading to the World Cup. Fans of the Zambia Women’s National Team will undoubtedly be watching these friendly matches with great interest, hoping to see their team perform at their best and show the world what they are capable of.

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