Revealing the Reality of Kasama Stadium: A Guest’s Insight

Revealing the Reality of Kasama Stadium: A Guest’s Insight

There are individuals spreading inaccurate information regarding the football management in Northern Province, particularly concerning the renovation of Kasama Stadium.

Firstly, Kasama Stadium is one of the five projects chosen by the FAZ central office in Lusaka to benefit from the $1.5 million FIFA Goal Fund. The other projects include DK in Chipata (recently affected by floods), Accommodation Centre in Lusaka, Independence Stadium in Solwezi (impacting North Western Super League games), and Kaole Stadium in Mansa (also facing challenges).

The issues at hand do not lie with the Regional office but with the FAZ secretariat in Lusaka, responsible for hiring contractors and consultants. Blaming the regional offices is misleading.

Taking Kasama as an example, the engaged consultant has not adequately supervised the contractor, a situation mirrored in all the projects across the five provinces. According to information from Football House, the scope of work for Kasama Stadium was modified after it was discovered that the initially proposed activities did not meet the end users’ satisfaction.

Fundamental principles of contract and project management dictate that projects should enhance the quality of life for the targeted groups, emphasizing the essence of engineering.

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