Rainford Kalaba Discharged After 2 Weeks Post-Accident

Rainford Kalaba Discharged After 2 Weeks Post-Accident

After a two-week stay at UTH-Adult, Mr. Rainford Kalaba has been discharged, marking a significant milestone in his recovery journey following a road traffic accident.

The accident, which occurred two weeks ago, led to his admission to the hospital, where he received medical care and treatment.

Today, as he leaves the hospital, Mr. Kalaba expresses gratitude for the care he received from the medical team and the support from his loved ones during this challenging time.

During his time at UTH-Adult, Mr. Kalaba underwent a series of medical procedures and treatments to address the injuries sustained in the accident.

The medical team closely monitored his progress and provided the necessary care to ensure his recovery. Despite the challenges he faced, Mr. Kalaba remained positive and determined, which played a crucial role in his healing process.

As Mr. Kalaba returns home, he looks forward to continuing his recovery in familiar surroundings. He plans to follow the medical advice given to him and engage in rehabilitation to regain his strength fully.

His experience has highlighted the importance of road safety and the need for all road users to exercise caution and adhere to traffic rules to prevent accidents and injuries.


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