NKANA FC Defender Derick Mukombozi Expresses Gratitude and Farewell

NKANA FC Defender Derick Mukombozi Expresses Gratitude and Farewell


In a heartfelt message, NKANA FC defender Derick Mukombozi bids farewell to the club and its fans. With deep emotion, he reflects on his two-year journey with the team and expresses his gratitude to everyone who has been a part of his NKANA FC experience.

In his farewell message, Mukombozi writes:

“Dear NKANA FC fans,

It would be impossible for me to express in this text all the feelings that I have been experiencing over the last 2 years I played in the club. I say only thank to the staff, to the fans that have supported me since the first day I wore this jersey and of course thank you and good luck to my teammates, who helped me settle in since day one not only as teammates but as friends.

For you, our supporters, I don’t really find words to describe how grateful I am and how special you have made me feel. Today I say goodbye to NKANA FC but I take with me many memories, lessons, and great moments we share together.

I also want to thank the management and the board for giving me the opportunity to play for this club. It has been an honor.”

The sentiments Mukombozi shares in his farewell message reflect the deep connections forged within the NKANA FC community. His words not only express his gratitude but also encapsulate the bond that exists between players, fans, and the club as a whole.

As Derick Mukombozi moves on to new endeavors, his time at NKANA FC will be cherished by all who have been a part of his journey.

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