Newly Rehabilitated David Kaunda Stadium Faces Waterlogging Issues

Newly Rehabilitated David Kaunda Stadium Faces Waterlogging Issues

Despite a rehabilitation cost of ZMK6 million (£300,000) using FIFA funds, the recently revamped David Kaunda Stadium in Chipata is grappling with waterlogging issues following heavy rainfall. The stadium, officially opened by the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) and hailed as one of the best-maintained surfaces in the country, is now submerged in water, revealing concerns about the drainage system.

The rehabilitation project, funded by FIFA with $300,000 allocated for each of the four stadiums (David Kaunda, Independence, Kaole, and Kasama), aimed to upgrade various aspects, including the pitch, dressing rooms, seats, walls, technical benches, and toilets. The playing surface was improved by the FIFA-approved Artificial Grass Africa company, which installed new grass and a drainage system.

However, the recent waterlogging issue has raised questions about the effectiveness of the drainage system. The once-praised playing surface is now submerged, turning parts of the stadium into a mini fish pond. It remains to be seen if FAZ will request the contractor to address the drainage concerns and prevent future flooding, considering the visible wear and tear on the playing surface shortly after the official opening.

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