Mwenya Chipepo Sets Sights on Three Points Against Former Club Power Dynamos

Mwenya Chipepo Sets Sights on Three Points Against Former Club Power Dynamos

Forest Rangers’ head coach, Mwenya Chipepo, is gearing up for a high-stakes showdown against his former club, Power Dynamos, in an eagerly anticipated Zambian Premier League clash during week 14 at Dola Hill Stadium.

In a press briefing leading up to the fixture, Chipepo conveyed a confident message to his former club, expressing the readiness of Forest Rangers to secure three crucial points. He acknowledged the strength of Power Dynamos, highlighting their skilled players and commendable recent performances. However, Chipepo underlined the meticulous preparation of Forest Rangers and their determination to clinch victory.

“We will be playing against a good side [Power Dynamos]. They have good players at the moment, and they are playing well, but looking at the way we have prepared here at Dola Hill, we are prepared to pick three points against Power Dynamos,” remarked Chipepo.

Drawing on his previous role as head coach at Power Dynamos, Chipepo emphasized his familiarity with the team’s playing style and personnel, positioning Forest Rangers strategically for the upcoming clash.

“I know the way they play, I know the type of players who are there, and we have planned very well for them,” Chipepo affirmed.

Chipepo, who recently transitioned from his position at Power Dynamos to lead Forest Rangers, resigned from his role at his former club last month. Forest Rangers appointed him as head coach two weeks ago, securing his services on a two-and-a-half-year contract. The upcoming fixture adds an extra layer of intrigue as Chipepo faces his previous team, aiming to guide Forest Rangers to a triumphant outcome.

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