Miguel Pedro Rejoins Trident Football Club After Stint with Zesco United

Miguel Pedro Rejoins Trident Football Club After Stint with Zesco United and Nchanga Rangers


In an exciting development, Miguel Pedro has made a return to his former club, Trident Football Club, following a brief spell with Zesco United, the nine-time champions of the Zambia Super League. Pedro’s time with Zesco United was followed by a loan move to Nchanga Rangers, where he spent the entirety of last season.

The talented player’s return to Trident FC has been met with enthusiasm by both the club and its supporters. Pedro’s familiarity with the club and his previous contributions make him a valuable addition to Trident’s roster as they prepare for the upcoming season.

Pedro’s experience at Zesco United, one of the most successful clubs in the country, and his subsequent loan spell with Nchanga Rangers have provided him with valuable exposure and a chance to further develop his skills. His time away from Trident has undoubtedly helped him grow as a player, and his return will bring added strength to the team.

Trident FC is excited to welcome back Pedro, recognizing his talent and the impact he can make on the pitch. The club is confident that his skills and experience will contribute significantly to their upcoming campaign, as they aim to compete at the highest level in the Zambia Super League.

Fans and supporters of Trident FC eagerly anticipate Pedro’s return, eager to witness his contribution to the team’s success. As the new season approaches, all eyes will be on Pedro as he reacquaints himself with Trident and aims to make a positive impact on the field once again.

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