Memorial Honors Late Red Arrows Executive Lyson Simwanda

Memorial Honors Late Red Arrows Executive Lyson Simwanda

The somber atmosphere at UCZ St. Paul’s Congregation in Kabwata is filled with a deep sense of loss as friends, family, and members of the Red Arrows Football Club community gather to commemorate the life of Lyson Simwanda. As the funeral service unfolds, heartfelt eulogies and shared memories paint a poignant picture of a dedicated and beloved individual who contributed significantly to the club’s executive committee.
Simwanda’s untimely demise in a tragic road traffic accident has left a void that resonates not only within the football community but also in the lives of those who knew him personally.

The congregation, adorned with wreaths and floral arrangements, stands as a testament to the impact Simwanda had on the lives of those around him.
The echoes of shared sorrow mingle with fond recollections, creating a space where grief and celebration of a life well-lived coexist.
The outpouring of support from the gathered mourners reflects the profound influence that Lyson Simwanda had, underscoring the significance of his role within the Red Arrows Football Club and the wider community.
As the memorial service continues, it serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the enduring impact one individual can have on the collective spirit of a community.

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