Matthew ‘Shebeleza’ Ndhlovu Appointed as New Head Coach of MUZA FC

Matthew 'Shebeleza' Ndhlovu Appointed as New Head Coach of MUZA FC


In an exciting development for MUZA FC, the club has officially unveiled Matthew ‘Shebeleza’ Ndhlovu as their new head coach. Ndhlovu takes over from Lameck Banda, who recently joined Lumwana Radiants. With his impressive qualifications, including a CAF A diploma, FIFA, and KNVB coaching certificates, Shebeleza brings a wealth of expertise to the team.

The appointment of Matthew Ndhlovu marks a significant step for MUZA FC as they aim to strengthen their coaching setup. Ndhlovu’s extensive coaching qualifications highlight his commitment to continuous professional development and his passion for the game.

As a CAF A diploma holder, Ndhlovu has demonstrated his proficiency in coaching techniques and strategies at the continental level. Additionally, his FIFA and KNVB coaching certificates further validate his expertise and understanding of the game.

The decision to appoint Ndhlovu as head coach reflects MUZA FC’s ambition to progress and achieve success in domestic competitions. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Shebeleza is poised to guide the team towards their goals and instill a winning mentality among the players.

Fans and supporters of MUZA FC eagerly await the impact that Matthew ‘Shebeleza’ Ndhlovu will have on the team. His appointment brings fresh enthusiasm and a renewed sense of optimism for the upcoming season. As the players and coaching staff work together under Ndhlovu’s leadership, MUZA FC aims to make significant strides in their pursuit of excellence on the football field.

With the unveiling of their new head coach, MUZA FC enters an exciting chapter in their history, filled with anticipation and high expectations. The club’s faithful will be eagerly watching as Ndhlovu takes charge and implements his coaching philosophy, with hopes of achieving remarkable results in the upcoming campaign.

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