Margaret Belemu Unfazed by World Cup Names, Focused on Competing

Margaret Belemu Unfazed by World Cup Names, Focused on Competing


Margaret Belemu, a key player for the Copper Queens, remains undeterred by the big names in women’s football at the World Cup. As the Zambian national team prepares for the global tournament, Belemu emphasizes that their primary objective is to compete and make their mark, regardless of the reputation or star power of their opponents.

“We are not here for names,” Belemu confidently states. “All we are looking at as Copper Queens is to compete. We are ready.” Her words reflect the team’s unwavering determination and belief in their own abilities.

Belemu’s remarks highlight the team’s focus on their own performance and the collective effort required to achieve success. The Copper Queens are determined to make a strong impact on the global stage, showcasing their skills and challenging established teams.

Their mindset of disregarding reputations and focusing solely on their own game demonstrates the team’s resilience and determination. Belemu‘s words serve as a rallying cry for the Copper Queens, encouraging them to approach the World Cup with confidence and a fearless attitude.

As the tournament unfolds, fans and supporters eagerly anticipate the performances of the Copper Queens, who are prepared to take on any opponent, regardless of their name or status. Their commitment to competition and their readiness to face any challenge will undoubtedly make them a formidable force at the World Cup.

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