Kennedy Kashobondo: Forest Rangers’ New Hope for Success

 Kennedy Kashobondo: Forest Rangers’ New Hope for Success


Following the departure of Ian Bakala, Forest Rangers find themselves in search of a new head coach. However, their swift response to this coaching vacuum by naming Kennedy Kashobondo as interim head coach signals a determination to continue their journey towards success.

Coach Kennedy Kashobondo boasts a commendable track record in Zambian football, making him a credible candidate for the head coach position. Before stepping into his current role at Forest Rangers, he held the position of head coach at both CEM FC and MUZA FC. His stint at MUZA FC was particularly remarkable, as he played a pivotal role in guiding the team to qualify for the Super League during the transition league.

What sets Coach Kennedy apart is not only his coaching expertise but also his extensive experience in Zambian football. Notably, he has worked closely with the departed Ian Bakala at Lusaka Dynamos since 2016. This shared experience could prove to be a valuable asset for Forest Rangers, ensuring a degree of continuity within the coaching staff.

Coach Kennedy officially joined Forest Rangers as an assistant coach in 2022, laying the groundwork for his current role. This elevation to interim head coach is an opportunity for him to showcase his coaching prowess and potentially secure the position on a permanent basis.

For Forest Rangers, the primary objective will be to continue their pursuit of success, particularly in league competitions. Coach Kennedy’s interim tenure will serve as a testing ground, offering insight into his capabilities and whether he can compete for the coveted position of Super League head coach.

As Forest Rangers navigate this coaching transition, fans and football enthusiasts alike will be keenly watching to see how Coach Kennedy Kashobondo’s leadership shapes the team’s performance and aspirations for the future. The club’s supporters can only hope that his appointment heralds a new era of triumph and prosperity on the football pitch.

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