Kafuli Appointed Referees Manager by FAZ

Kafuli Appointed Referees Manager by FAZ

Derrick Kafuli, a former FIFA Referee, has been appointed as the Acting Referees Manager by the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ). FAZ General Secretary, Reuben Kamanga, expressed confidence in Kafuli’s ability to restore integrity to the refereeing sector in Zambian football.

In a statement released in Lusaka, FAZ Communications Manager Sydney Mugala conveyed Kamanga’s acknowledgment of reported match boycotts in three provinces due to various grievances among referees. Kamanga commended the provinces that continued matches despite the boycotts and appealed to the referees involved to return to the pitch while their concerns were being addressed.

Kamanga revealed that FAZ is actively expediting the recruitment of more referees to meet the growing demand across the country. The appointment of Kafuli follows the suspension of Aziph Banda, who was sidelined last week to allow investigations into lingering issues related to match officiating.

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