Junior Copper Queens to face DRC in WC qualifier.

Junior Copper Queens to face DRC in WC qualifier.

Zambia’s Under 20 Women’s team coach, Charles Haalubono, has confidently stated that his squad is fully prepared for their upcoming 2024 World Cup qualifier against the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The Junior Copper Queens are gearing up to clash with DRC at Nkoloma Stadium, with the match scheduled to commence at 15:00 hours.

During a pre-match press conference, Haalubono expressed the team’s high spirits and readiness for the game. He emphasized that the players are well aware of the threat posed by Congo, who are also eager to advance to the next round.

On the other side, Democratic Republic of Congo’s coach, Sandra Makombele, asserted that her team’s primary goal is to secure a victory on the road. Despite acknowledging Zambia’s strength, Makombele’s team is determined to progress to the next round and ultimately qualify for the World Cup.

Zambia’s Under 20 captain, Chitete Munsaka, called upon football fans to rally to the stadium and show their support for the team.

Meanwhile, DRC’s captain, Brigitte Ngamita, conveyed that her team is not intimidated by playing away from home and is fully committed to battling for victory.

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