Jeban Tembo Guardianship Assured for Arrows Future

Jeban Tembo Guardianship Assured for Arrows Future

Jeban Tembo stands out as one of the most reliable goalkeepers in Zambian football, a testament to his skill and potential for the future.

Born alongside his twin, Genius, at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka on January 31, 2003, to parents Benson and Veronica Tembo, Jeban’s early years were spent in Mtendere.
His primary education at George Town Private School was complemented by a passion for drawing, a pursuit encouraged by his father.

However, Jeban’s trajectory shifted when he entered Kabulonga Boys Secondary, where his enthusiasm for football blossomed.
Initially engaged in inter-class matches, he later joined his twin brother at Kabulonga Strikers football Academy.

Remarkably, Jeban’s initiation into football was as an outfield player, predominantly as a winger. The absence of the team’s primary goalkeeper led him to request Coach Lufalo Soko to don the gloves and play as a goal defender in the goalkeeper’s absence.
Eventually, this temporary role transitioned into a permanent position as a goalkeeper.

Kabulonga Strikers Academy, limited to holiday sessions due to its student composition, posed a challenge for Jeban aspiring to pursue football professionally.
A friend’s suggestion led him to Blue Bullets Football Club, managed by Coach Grace and Carol, where he trained with the hope of securing registration, a prospect that did not materialize.

Faced with disappointment, he briefly joined the Lusaka City Council U19 on the advice of another friend, Philip Malunga. However, financial constraints halted his training after approximately a month, preventing regular commuting from Mtendere to the UTH Kabwata area.

In 2015, Jeban returned to Kabulonga, this time aligning with a newly established football academy, Kabulonga Super United. It was with this team that his football career flourished, marked by a notable victory in the U19 tournament organized by Chiparamba Academy. The competition featured teams such as Chibolya, Misisi Academy, Muza, and the hosts, Chiparamba.

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