Introducing the 2024/25 FAZ Women’s Division One New Teams

Introducing the 2024/25 FAZ Women’s Division One New Teams

Chikonaty Academy (Lusaka Province)
Chikonaty Academy, based in Lusaka Province, has been making waves in women’s football with their impressive performances.

Known for their strong development program and commitment to nurturing young talent, Chikonaty Academy has steadily climbed the ranks.

Their promotion to the National Women’s Division One League is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the strategic vision of their coaching staff.

Fans in Lusaka are eagerly anticipating the impact their team will have in the upcoming season.

Chitapankwa Youth Academy (Northern Province)
Hailing from Northern Province, Chitapankwa Youth Academy is another team to watch in the 2024/25 season. With a focus on youth development and community engagement, Chitapankwa has built a robust squad capable of competing at higher levels.

Their journey to promotion has been marked by resilience and teamwork, with players and coaches working tirelessly to achieve their goals.

As they step into the National Women’s Division One League, they bring a fresh perspective and a hunger for success that promises to make their matches exciting to watch.

FC MUZA Queens (Southern Province)
Representing Southern Province, FC MUZA Queens have earned their promotion through consistent and outstanding performances.

Known for their tactical discipline and spirited play, the Queens have quickly become a force in women’s football. The team’s success is driven by a blend of experienced players and rising stars, all guided by a dedicated coaching staff.

The promotion to the National Women’s Division One League is a significant milestone for FC MUZA Queens, and they are poised to make a strong impression in the upcoming season.

Nakonde Titans (Muchinga Province)
Nakonde Titans from Muchinga Province round out the list of newly promoted teams.

The Titans have shown remarkable progress over recent seasons, combining skill, strategy, and determination to secure their place in the league.

Their ascent is a source of pride for Muchinga Province, and the team’s supporters are looking forward to seeing their Titans compete at a higher level.

The Nakonde Titans bring a unique style of play and a competitive spirit that will add excitement to the National Women’s Division One League.

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