Illness Forces Copper Queens Midfielder Grace Chanda to Miss FIFA World Cup Opener against Japan

Illness Forces Copper Queens Midfielder Grace Chanda to Miss FIFA World Cup Opener against Japan

On the eve of Zambia’s opening match against Japan in the FIFA World Cup, the Copper Queens have encountered a setback as midfielder Grace Chanda has been forced to withdraw from the tournament due to an undisclosed illness. The news comes in the wake of Spain’s dominant 3-0 victory over Costa Rica, granting them an early lead in Group C.

Grace Chanda, a crucial player in Bruce Mwape’s squad, received a diagnosis of the illness, effectively ending her participation in the prestigious tournament. Team doctor Faith Chibeza provided an update on the unfortunate situation, confirming that Chanda will no longer be able to take part in the World Cup.

“All players are in good health except for two individuals. The first one, as already known publicly, is Hazel Nali, who suffered an ACL injury. The second one is Grace Chanda, who has fallen ill, and regrettably, her condition prevents her from participating in the tournament,” Dr. Chibeza announced.

Despite the medical team’s tireless efforts to aid the player, Chanda’s condition has not shown sufficient improvement to allow her to compete in the tournament. Dr. Chibeza expressed that they have done everything possible to assist her and that she is receiving all the necessary attention and care. However, due to the severity of the illness, her withdrawal from the competition has become necessary.

In the absence of Grace Chanda, the Copper Queens will undoubtedly miss the talents and contributions of this skilled midfielder. Nevertheless, the team’s coach, Bruce Mwape, and captain, Barbara Banda, have shown confidence in their remaining squad members, assuring that the team is fully prepared to face Japan in their opening match.

As the excitement of the FIFA World Cup intensifies, fans and players alike are hoping for a swift recovery for Grace Chanda and Hazel Nali. The Copper Queens will undoubtedly draw on their resilience to continue their campaign in the tournament.

The world will be eagerly watching as the highly-anticipated clash between Zambia and Japan unfolds, with both teams eager to secure a strong start in their quest for World Cup glory.

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