Ian Bakala Takes the Helm as Nkana FC’s New Head Coach

Ian Bakala Takes the Helm as Nkana FC’s New Head Coach


In a move that has sent ripples through the Zambian football community, Nkana FC, the 13-time Zambian Super League champions, have officially announced the appointment of Ian Bakala as their new head coach. Bakala‘s arrival comes in the wake of Beston Chambeshi’s administrative leave.

Ian Bakala’s transition to Nkana FC follows a successful tenure at Forest Rangers, where he steered the team to victory in the 2023 ABSA Cup and Charity Shield. His departure from Forest Rangers marks the beginning of a new chapter for both clubs.

At Forest Rangers, Kennedy Kashobondo, the First Assistant Coach, will step into the role of head coach, supported by Owen Kaposa as the 2nd Assistant Coach. Francis Kasonde and Stanley Mutinta will continue to serve as the Physical Trainer and Goalkeeper Coach, respectively.

Ian Bakala brings a wealth of experience and a winning mindset to Nkana FC. The club and its fans are undoubtedly eager to see how Bakala‘s leadership will shape the team’s future. As the Zambian Super League progresses, all eyes will be on Nkana FC and Ian Bakala as they embark on a new journey towards footballing excellence.

This managerial change promises to be a significant turning point in the Zambian football landscape, and fans of both Nkana FC and Forest Rangers will be watching closely to see how these transitions unfold in the coming seasons.

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