Ghanaian Players Unpaid: US$7,500 Bonuses Owed Ahead of Match Against Zambia

Ghanaian Players Unpaid: US$7,500 Bonuses Owed Ahead of Match Against Zambia

As the Copper Queens of Zambia prepare to face off against the Black Queens of Ghana in their Olympic qualifier match this Friday, they have been cautioned against underestimating their opponents, who are reportedly unpaid for their previous matches.

Despite the financial turmoil surrounding the Ghanaian team, they remain resolute in their determination to secure a victory against Zambia. Sources within the Ghana camp have revealed that each player is owed a substantial sum in bonuses, totaling US$7,500 per player, for their performances in previous matches, including the Women Africa Cup of Nations (WAfCON) and Olympic Games qualifiers.

Initially, the bonus was set at US$4,000 per win, amounting to a total bonus of US$10,000 per player. However, the Ghana Football Association (FA) reportedly reduced this amount to US$7,500 after contributing US$2,500 towards the bonus.

While the unpaid bonuses have garnered significant attention, both within the media and among the general public, the focus for the Ghanaian players remains firmly on qualifying for the Olympics. According to sources, the players are undeterred by the financial issues and are fully committed to delivering a strong performance on the field.

It is emphasized that the bonus campaign, while significant, is not expected to distract or demotivate the Ghanaian team. Instead, they are united in their goal of securing victory and advancing in the Olympic qualifiers.

The warning to the Copper Queens is clear: overlooking the resilience and determination of the unpaid Ghanaian players could prove to be a costly mistake. Despite the financial challenges they face, the Black Queens are poised to give their all on the pitch, making them a formidable opponent for Zambia. As both teams prepare to face off in this crucial match, the Copper Queens would be wise to approach the game with caution and respect for their opponents, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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