FIFA Instructs FAZ to Proceed with Annual General Meeting

FIFA Instructs FAZ to Proceed with Annual General Meeting

FIFA has instructed the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to proceed with its Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is slated to take place at the Government Complex. This directive comes in response to reports of an injunction by the Ndola High Court aimed at halting the FAZ AGM, a move that FIFA considers to be undue interference by third parties.

In a letter addressed to FAZ General Secretary Reuben Kamanga dated April 26, 2024, FIFA’s Member Associations Officer, Kenny Jean-Marie, expressed concern over the reported court order and emphasized that failure to hold the AGM could lead to possible sanctions, including suspension.

The letter stated, “Please note that the order of the High Court of Zambia dated 24 April 2024 appears to clearly amount to undue influence by third parties which could be considered as a violation of Article 19 paragraph 1 of the FIFA Statutes and Article 7 paragraph 1.g. of the CAF Statutes.”

FIFA warned that any further attempts by third parties to prevent the FAZ AGM from taking place would be viewed as a violation, potentially leading to sanctions in accordance with FIFA and CAF statutes. The statement also highlighted the implications of a suspension, stating that Zambia would be deprived of sporting participation with other countries, risking further sanctions.

Additionally, FIFA expressed interest in the reported arrests of FAZ President Andrew Kamanga, General Secretary Reuben Kamanga, and other officials by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC). FIFA requested copies of any documents related to the accusations and ongoing investigations against the FAZ officials, along with any additional information regarding the arrests.

Despite these challenges, FAZ is scheduled to proceed with its AGM as planned, with delegates from across the country expected to convene in Lusaka at the Government Complex.

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