FAZ Technical Directorate Successfully Organizes FAZ E Licence Course in Northern Province

FAZ Technical Directorate Successfully Organizes FAZ E Licence Course in Northern Province

The FAZ Technical Directorate has accomplished a successful FAZ E Licence course in Northern Province, specifically held in Kasama. The course, aimed at beginner coaches, was conducted by FAZ designated instructor Chris Chibuye from July 10-14. The training received the official closure by provincial chairperson Mwansa Kapyanga.

Kapyanga highlighted that the program aligns with FAZ’s broader plan to cultivate technical experts in various provinces. The training attracted 56 participants from different districts of Northern Province. Recognizing the crucial role of grassroots coaches in shaping the future of Zambian football, Kapyanga emphasized the significance of the training.

He stated, “The players we train today will be the ones to take us to future AFCONs and World Cups. We also wish to encourage the coaches to make it a point to register with ZAFCA and appreciate the benefits of being formally recognized as a coach.”

Kapyanga further revealed that Northern Province has consistently prioritized training programs for coaches over the past three years. Holding FAZ E courses in the province consecutively underscores their commitment to capacity building among coaches and other officials, as it remains one of their top goals.

The FAZ Technical Directorate regularly organizes coaching courses, beginning with the elementary FAZ E course designed for beginners. These courses play a vital role in equipping coaches with essential skills and knowledge to nurture talent and enhance the overall development of football in Zambia.

The successful completion of the FAZ E Licence course in Northern Province marks another milestone in FAZ’s efforts to empower coaches and foster a strong football ecosystem throughout the country.

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