FAZ Takes Action: Clubs Urged to Formally Report Officiating Incidents for Improved Accountability

FAZ Takes Action: Clubs Urged to Formally Report Officiating Incidents for Improved Accountability

In response to widespread complaints about officiating lapses in the Premier League, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Referees Manager, Aziph Banda, has acknowledged the need for measures to address the situation. Banda reassured the football community that steps are being taken to rectify the officiating issues that have marred the current season.

One key aspect emphasized by Banda is the importance of clubs formally reporting incidents to his office rather than expressing grievances through social media or the press. He pointed out that without official complaints, it becomes challenging for FAZ to comprehensively address the issues at hand. Banda urged clubs to follow established procedures for lodging complaints, ensuring a fair and effective resolution to the officiating controversies.

Expressing concern about the lack of formal complaints despite widespread dissatisfaction, Banda stressed that the established reporting channels must be utilized for the football association to take corrective action. The move is part of FAZ’s commitment to transparency and accountability in addressing officiating concerns raised by clubs.

The controversy surrounding officiating errors has reached a tipping point, with notable incidents such as Green Eagles being denied a clear goal in their scoreless draw against Mufulira Wanderers and Nkana facing a similar situation in the Kitwe Derby against Power Dynamos.

Despite these challenges, Banda dismissed claims by NAPSA Stars assistant coach Geoffrey Hamakwende that poor officiating has contributed to coach dismissals. He cautioned against using officiating as an excuse for bad results and called for fairness in evaluating team performances. Banda’s statements underline the association’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the game and ensuring that officiating concerns are addressed through proper channels.

As FAZ takes proactive steps to address officiating issues, the football community will be watching closely to see how these measures contribute to a fairer and more transparent football environment in Zambia.

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