FAZ Leaders Shine at FIFA Summit in Saudi Arabia

FAZ Leaders Shine at FIFA Summit in Saudi Arabia

In the midst of the FIFA summit hosted in Saudi Arabia, the President of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), Andrew Kamanga, and its General Secretary, Reuben Kamanga, stand as representatives of Zambian football on the global stage.
This international gathering serves as a pivotal platform for football leaders to discuss and address key issues shaping the future of the sport.
Andrew Kamanga’s presence alongside FIFA Director for Africa, Gelson Fernandes, underscores the collaborative efforts between national football associations and the global governing body to enhance the development, governance, and inclusivity of football across the African continent.

The dynamic duo of FAZ’s President and General Secretary engages actively in the various discussions and deliberations at the summit, contributing to the discourse on strategies for advancing football at both national and international levels.
Their participation reflects FAZ’s commitment to staying abreast of global trends, fostering partnerships, and ensuring that the interests of Zambian football are well-represented and advocated for on the international stage.
As they navigate the summit’s proceedings, the FAZ leadership seeks to harness valuable insights, exchange ideas, and establish connections that will contribute to the growth and prosperity of football in Zambia.

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