FAZ AGM Praised for Resolving Disputes Amicably and Moving Forward with Key Proposals

FAZ AGM Praised for Resolving Disputes Amicably and Moving Forward with Key Proposals


During the Football Association of Zambia’s (FAZ) reconvened Annual General Meeting, the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Arts’ permanent secretary, Kangwa Chileshe, commended the football community for adhering to FIFA statutes by resolving their disputes outside the legal system. This significant step towards unity and cooperation was highlighted during the meeting, where several critical decisions were made.

Key among the proceedings was the approval of presentations by FC Muza and Elite Ladies, which were forwarded to the Emergency General Meeting for further deliberation. The congress showed a strong commitment to fostering growth and development within Zambian football.

MUZA FC made a notable suggestion for universal amnesty for all those serving football suspensions, advocating for the election of the Zambian Premier League (ZPL) chairperson by the members. FAZ clarified that the ZPL’s creation was still in a transitional phase. The president of MUZA FC is already part of a special committee dedicated to developing a roadmap for the league’s establishment.

The AGM resolved to allow the ZPL to complete its procedures before the issues raised by MUZA FC and Elite Ladies are addressed at the Emergency General Meeting. In a move to promote reconciliation, the council decided that bans would be considered on a case-by-case basis by the judicial bodies.

Additionally, the meeting saw a proposal to revive the Referees Association of Zambia (RAZ). It was agreed to maintain the FIFA-mandated Referees Desk at FAZ while exploring ways to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of the referees’ body.

This AGM marked a significant step forward in Zambian football, underscoring the importance of unity, strategic development, and adherence to international standards.

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