FAZ Addresses Allegations of Sexual Abuse at Copper Queens Training 

FAZ Addresses Allegations of Sexual Abuse at Copper Queens Training 


Press Statement
For Immediate Release 
Football Association of Zambia 
Football House, Lusaka
4th August 2023



The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) is issuing this press statement to provide clarity and address concerns raised by recent online reports regarding alleged sexual abuse at Copper Queens’ training sessions.

In a publication dated 3rd August 2023 by “The Guardian,” with the headline “FIFA investigating claims Zambia coach rubbed player’s chest at World Cup,” accusations have been made against Zambia’s coach, Bruce Mwape. The report alleges that Coach Mwape rubbed his hands over the chest of a player two days prior to Zambia’s victory over Costa Rica during the Women’s World Cup. Furthermore, the publication states that FIFA has received an official complaint about this alleged incident and suggests that FAZ is aware of the matter.

We want to categorically state that the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has not received any formal complaint from any player or official within the delegation that represented Zambia at the World Cup. The information presented in the online publication comes as a surprise to us, as there has been no indication or awareness of such misconduct involving the coach.

It’s important to clarify that all training sessions for the Copper Queens were recorded by the FAZ media team, and no footage indicates the alleged incident as reported by The Guardian. Additionally, a FIFA film crew that was associated with the Zambian team at the World Cup was present during all training sessions.

FAZ wishes to reiterate its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and ethical conduct. We demand the utmost professionalism from our players and officials, both on and off the field. Should we receive an official complaint or be presented with credible evidence concerning any alleged incident, FAZ will not hesitate to take appropriate disciplinary action.

We appreciate the support of the public and media in upholding the values of football and ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all participants. FAZ remains dedicated to the well-being of our athletes and the promotion of football excellence in Zambia.

For and on behalf of:
Sydney Mungala

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