Fashion Sakala Disappointed In The Zambian Fans Continuous Insults & Endlessly Booing

Zambian professional footballer Fashion Sakala has expressed disappointment in the Zambian fans for insulting and booing him.

He shared a thread on his Facebook page, read below. 



Being called for National Team games has and will always be an honor to me. However this time it has been very difficult and by far the worst experience of my entire career.
Over the years I have endured the pain of being insulted endlessly by the Zambian fans for my style of playing, game after game. The game we had in South Africa on the 26th March 2023 was no different as I was brutally insulted, being called selfish etc. by Zambian fans at the Stadium before the game started.
I am a winger. I am highly trained to dribble , cause threats to opponents and have as many touches as it profits the team to have more chances and I believe that’s why I have been playing successfully in Europe for 7 years .
I have no doubt that my performances in Europe contribute immensely in the decisions that grant me being called for National team games and to add value to the squad.
I am very disappointed in the Zambian fans for the vicious insults and endlessly booing directed to me, when I have done nothing but show hard work, sacrifice, dedication and commitment to win games for my country.
I appreciate the support I’m receiving from my family, National team coach, the entire management, my team mates and all the fans that has shown me love and support I will continue to wear my national team jersey with pride because Zambia represent unity.”
Read:2 Timothy 4:22🙏🏿

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