Eastern Province Football Technical Workshop

Eastern Province Football Technical Workshop

In a dedicated effort to bolster the development of young football talent within the nation, the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Technical Directorate has orchestrated a one-day training session in the picturesque city of Chipata, situated in Eastern Province.
This momentous event serves as a beacon for football enthusiasts and technical officers hailing from the region. Spearheading this invaluable initiative is none other than the eminent FAZ Football Technical Director, Lyson Zulu.
With a wealth of experience and expertise in football development, Zulu’s presence is a testament to the seriousness and dedication with which the FAZ is committed to nurturing and shaping the next generation of soccer stars.

The significance of this gathering transcends the boundaries of Eastern Province, as it aspires to create a ripple effect that positively impacts the entire nation.
The training program, meticulously designed by FAZ, encompasses a comprehensive series of lessons and practical insights.
These lessons are not just theoretical in nature but are crafted to be closely followed and earnestly implemented by the attending technical officers.
Their role as guardians of the grassroots football system is pivotal, and this training equips them with the tools and knowledge needed to foster the growth and development of youthful players throughout Zambia.
Through this concerted effort, the FAZ aims to ensure that the nation’s football ecosystem becomes a fertile ground for nurturing raw talent and transforming it into the future stars of Zambian football, echoing their vision of a brighter footballing future for the nation.

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