Copper Queens Trio Ready for WAFCON Clash in Luanda

Copper Queens Trio Ready for WAFCON Clash in Luanda

The Turkey-based Copper Queens, represented by the skilled partnership of Misozi Zulu and Hellen Chanda, have added a powerful dimension to the team’s lineup.
Their arrival in Luanda, alongside the talented midfielder Prisca Chilufya from Mexico, marks a pivotal moment as they gear up for the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations (WAFCON) final round second-leg qualifier against Angola. The trio’s presence not only reinforces the team’s international prowess but also injects a strategic blend of experience and skill that could prove decisive in the upcoming high-stakes match.

Touching down at 14:25 local time, the players wasted no time and swiftly immersed themselves in the training regimen alongside their teammates.
The urgency and focus displayed by Misozi Zulu, Hellen Chanda, and Prisca Chilufya upon arrival exemplify the commitment of the entire squad to prepare diligently for the back-to-back qualifier matches.
Their integration into the team dynamics underscore the unity and determination that will undoubtedly be pivotal as they strive to secure victory in the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations, showcasing the collaborative spirit that defines their pursuit of excellence on the football field.

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