Copper Queens Shine in COSAFA Women’s Championship Best XI

Copper Queens Shine in COSAFA Women’s Championship Best XI

In a resounding achievement, Copper Queens’ stalwart defenders, Lushomo Mweemba and Esther Siamfuko, have solidified their positions among the best in the Hollywoodbets COSAFA Women’s Championship.
Their unwavering dedication to their craft, exceptional defensive skills, and remarkable teamwork on the field have earned them well-deserved recognition.
Mweemba and Siamfuko have not only been instrumental in safeguarding their team’s goal but have also showcased exceptional versatility and adaptability throughout the tournament.
Their consistent performances and unwavering commitment to their team’s success serve as a testament to their outstanding abilities, and they have rightfully secured their places in the tournament’s best XI.
Joining these formidable defenders is the talented midfielder, Evarine Susan Katongo.

Her outstanding contributions in the midfield have not gone unnoticed.
Katongo’s ability to control the game, distribute the ball with precision, and create goal-scoring opportunities have been key factors in Copper Queens’ remarkable journey in the championship.
Her inclusion in the tournament’s best XI is a reflection of her exceptional skills and her pivotal role in her team’s success.
Together, Mweemba, Siamfuko, and Katongo have not only made their mark on the Hollywoodbets COSAFA Women’s Championship but have also inspired fans and fellow athletes with their dedication and prowess on the field. Congratulations are in order for these three remarkable athletes who have showcased their excellence in women’s football.

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