Copper Queens Rewarded with K686,000 Each for Their Stellar Performance

Copper Queens Rewarded with K686,000 Each for Their Stellar Performance


Copper Queens Players and Technical Bench to Receive Generous Rewards for Their Performance 

In a show of appreciation and recognition for their outstanding efforts, each member of the Copper Queens, Zambia’s women’s national football team, and the technical bench will receive a substantial reward from the Zambian Government. The players and coaching staff will be awarded an impressive sum of K686,000 (Zambian Kwacha) each for their remarkable performance.

On top of the government’s generous gesture, the Copper Queens will also be rewarded with an additional US$30,000 (approximately K555,000) from FIFA for their participation in the group stage of the tournament. The combination of these rewards signifies the nation’s pride in the team’s achievements and serves as a motivation for their future endeavors.

Zambia’s female football team, the Copper Queens, have been exemplary representatives of the nation on the international stage, exhibiting their talent, dedication, and determination throughout their journey. Their performances have captured the hearts of fans across the country and beyond, elevating the profile of women’s football in Zambia.

The financial rewards provided by the Zambian Government and FIFA not only acknowledge the players’ hard work and success but also demonstrate the country’s commitment to supporting and nurturing women’s football in Zambia.

As the Copper Queens continue to make strides in their footballing journey, these rewards serve as a testament to the value placed on their contributions to the sport and the pride they bring to the nation. The hope is that these accolades will further inspire and motivate the team and future generations of female footballers in Zambia to achieve greatness and create a lasting legacy in women’s football.

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