Copper Queens Qualify Again, Chipolopolo Prep for Africa Cup 2023

Copper Queens Qualify Again, Chipolopolo Prep for Africa Cup 2023

In this thrilling season for football enthusiasts, our sporty family rejoices as the Copper Queens secure their place in the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations for the third consecutive time.
The remarkable achievement not only underscores the skill and dedication of our women’s team but also serves as an inspiration for the entire nation.
As we witness their journey to the prestigious tournament, there’s a palpable sense of pride and anticipation, fueling our collective passion for the beautiful game.

Simultaneously, the spotlight is on the Chipolopolo as they embark on their preparations for the Africa Cup of Nations in Côte d’Ivoire 2023.
The upcoming tournament promises fierce competition and unparalleled excitement, making every training session a crucial step towards success.
Under the guidance of the technical bench, a meticulously crafted program has been set in motion, emphasizing the importance of strategy, teamwork, and individual skill development.
The anticipation within our sporting community is electric, and as we eagerly await the tournament’s kickoff, there’s a shared determination to witness the Chipolopolo make their mark on the continental stage.

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