Copper Queens Coach Bruce Mwape Aims for Victory Against Angola in Crucial WAFCON Qualifier

Copper Queens Coach Bruce Mwape Aims for Victory Against Angola in Crucial WAFCON Qualifier

Bruce Mwape, the head coach of the Zambia women’s national football team, the Copper Queens, is optimistic about securing a crucial victory in today’s match against Angola in the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations (WAFCON) qualifiers. The match, set to take place in Angola, marks the first leg of the two-legged tie, with the second leg scheduled for December 5th in Ndola.

Coach Mwape emphasized the importance of securing a win in the first leg, noting that it would provide Zambia with a significant advantage, especially considering the team’s full squad availability. He stated, “If we get a win, it will be an advantage for us because we have a full squad.” Mwape sees the opportunity to test other players in the second leg back in Zambia if they secure a positive result in the first leg.

Having faced Angola multiple times before and emerged victorious in previous encounters, Mwape expressed confidence in the team’s readiness. However, he warned against complacency and urged the players to approach the match with the same level of determination as if it were their first meeting with Angola.

While Zambia defeated Angola 3-1 during the Cosafa tournament in October, Mwape urged his players to maintain a serious attitude and not rely on past successes. “We want to play them like we are playing them for the first time,” he emphasized.

Acknowledging the importance of avoiding complacency, Mwape emphasized the need for players to adhere to instructions to secure a positive outcome. “We don’t want to be at the receiving end, and we will do our best to avoid that,” he cautioned.

The match against Angola is crucial, with the winner of the two-legged tie securing qualification for the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations scheduled to be hosted in Morocco next year. Kick-off is set for 17:00hrs, and fans are eagerly anticipating a strong performance from the Copper Queens.

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