Zambia’s Copper Queens Capture Hearts of Children in Rototuna

"Copper Queens Capture Hearts of Children in Rototuna with Inspiring Training Session Ahead of FIFA Women's World Cup"

The Zambia Women’s National Team, known as the Copper Queens, delighted children from Rototuna High School and Silverdale Normal School with a training session at Korikori Park in Rototuna. Despite the chilly weather, the team invited the students to witness their open practice ahead of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

During the one-hour training session, the pupils were treated to an exciting display of skills and teamwork by the Copper Queens. Following the training, a 30-minute interaction session took place, allowing the children to engage with the players. The activities included autograph signings, a quiz, singing and dancing, warm-up exercises, and ball sessions with the World Cup squad.

The Copper Queens, who will kick off their World Cup campaign against Japan on July 22 in Group C, won the hearts of the pupils. The children enthusiastically chanted “Copper Queens” and cheered on the Zambian team as they trained. The experience left a lasting impression on the young audience.

Nesra Wale, a teacher from Silverdale Normal School, expressed her gratitude to the Copper Queens for providing this unique opportunity to the students. Despite the timing coinciding with the first day back to school, the pupils eagerly anticipated the training session, appreciating the chance to witness the preparations of a World Cup team and understand the level at which these athletes compete on a global scale.

Rebekah Lawrence, one of the students in attendance, shared her excitement, revealing that she will be in the stands at Waikato Stadium to support the Copper Queens. She conveyed her appreciation for the warm reception she and her fellow pupils received, stating that it was “very cool” to witness the training session and that they would wholeheartedly cheer on the team.

Barbra Banda, captain of the Copper Queens, expressed her delight in sharing traditional songs and dances with the ever-smiling pupils. Their enthusiasm and support served as a motivation for the team as they prepared for their debut World Cup appearance.

The Copper Queens’ gesture of opening their training session to the children of Rototuna not only left a positive impact on the young fans but also strengthened the bond between the team and their supporters. With the World Cup just around the corner, Zambia’s national women’s team is ready to compete, fueled by the encouragement and admiration of their loyal fans, including the inspired children of Rototuna.


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