Copper Queens’ Captain to Wear No. 22 Jersey at Orlando Pride

Copper Queens’ Captain to Wear No. 22 Jersey at Orlando Pride

Barbra Banda, the talented captain of the Zambian women’s national football team, known as the Copper Queens, is set to make a significant move in her career.

She will be joining Orlando Pride, a professional women’s soccer team based in Orlando, Florida, where she will don the No.

22 jersey. This move marks a major milestone for Banda, as she becomes part of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), one of the top women’s soccer leagues in the world.

Banda’s journey to Orlando Pride is a testament to her hard work and dedication to the sport. As the captain of the Copper Queens, she has been a standout player, showcasing her exceptional skills and leadership on the field.

Her move to Orlando Pride not only opens up new opportunities for her career but also highlights the growing recognition of African talent in the global soccer community.

With her impressive track record and remarkable talent, Banda is poised to make a significant impact at Orlando Pride.

Fans and supporters eagerly anticipate seeing her play in the No. 22 jersey, as she brings her unique flair and skill to the NWSL.

Her presence on the team is sure to elevate the game and inspire aspiring young players, both in Zambia and around the world.

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