Copper Queens Arrive in Paris for Pre-Olympic Friendlies

Copper Queens Arrive in Paris for Pre-Olympic Friendlies

Bienvenue à Paris! Or as we say around here, welcome to Paris. The spotlight in the world of sports is gradually turning to Paris as the Olympics are set to begin in just over two weeks.

The city is abuzz with excitement and anticipation as athletes and fans from around the globe converge to celebrate this grand event.

The streets are adorned with Olympic banners, and the atmosphere is electric with the promise of thrilling competitions and unforgettable moments.

Amidst this excitement, the Copper Queens have just arrived in France for their pre-tournament camp. This period is crucial for the team as they fine-tune their strategies and build on their teamwork.

The camp will feature two high-profile friendly matches, offering the Copper Queens valuable match practice before the main event. One of these matches will be against New Zealand, a formidable opponent that will test the team’s mettle.

The other opponent, soon to be announced, promises to bring another challenging and exciting game. These matches are more than just warm-ups; they are opportunities for the team to gauge their readiness and make any necessary adjustments.

We are incredibly proud of the Copper Queens. Their dedication, hard work, and determination have brought them to this point, and we are confident they will represent us with honor and excellence on the Olympic stage. As they gear up for these important preparatory matches, we stand behind them, cheering them on and wishing them all the best. Let’s show our support and enthusiasm as they embark on this remarkable journey in Paris.


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