Coach Bruce Mwape Discusses Zambia’s 2-0 win VS. Morocco

Coach Bruce Mwape Discusses Zambia’s 2-0 win VS. Morocco

After Zambia’s triumphant 2-0 win against Morocco in an international friendly held at Casablanca’s Pere Jego stadium, Coach Bruce Mwape expressed his thoughts on the victory.

He commended the team’s performance and hinted at the possibility of making substantial changes for the second friendly match scheduled for Tuesday.

Mwape, undoubtedly pleased with the team’s effort and success in this match, is strategizing to optimize the team’s performance and tactics in the subsequent game.

Looking ahead to the upcoming friendly on Tuesday, Coach Mwape appears focused on experimenting and fine-tuning the team’s approach.

This could involve tweaking the lineup, trying out different formations, or giving opportunities to different players. The intention is to use this friendly as a platform for growth and development, ensuring the team is well-prepared and versatile for future challenges.

Watch below.

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